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PNY Phantom-1 Solid State Drives - SanDisk Singapore Distributor Vector Magnetics Pte Ltd

PNY Technologies

PNY Phantom-1 Solid State Drives


Upgrade your computer with PNY Phantom-1 Solid State Drives. The SSD drive has no moving parts. It uses flash memory to store data, which provides better performance and reliability over an HDD. With super fast speeds up to 20x faster than your conventional hard disk drives and capacities of 120GB and 240GB - this is a quick upgrade for your laptop or desktop with lots of pros such as  snappier processing of applications, faster boot up and shutdown, faster transfering of files, cooler computer temperature, lower voltage usage means longer battery life for your laptop for you to do more out of your work. 

The PNY Phantom-1 SSD delivers the top of its class performance in sequential read speed for 550 MB/s and write speeds of 410MB/s (120GB) and 520MB/s (240GB). Faster speed means programs can run more quickly, which is very significant, especially for programs that access large amounts of data often like your operating system. 

The PNY Phantom-1 SSD comes with Acronis True Image Data Migration Software to upgrade your computer without any hassle. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty for a better peace of mind.

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